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Monday, January 04, 2010


No, not a production painting for Avatar, but a vintage Roger Dean painting.

I saw the movie Avatar over the weekend. I enjoyed it, especially for it's beautiful vision of an exotic alien world. Throughout it all, I had the feeling that I had seen many of the images before. At last, it came to me. I had seen those vistas in the work of fantasy artist Roger Dean, famous for his album covers for Yes, and other groups. When I first started buying record albums back in the early 1970s, I loved the group Yes, and would spend hours gazing at the incredible worlds he created for the covers. He seemed to be everyone's favorite fantasy artist in those days, rivaled only by Frank Frazetta. Roger Dean is not mentioned in the credits of Avatar, but there are plenty of people online, as it turns out, that feel he might have helped inspire the visuals for this movie.

If you want to see more of Mr. Dean's fabulous paintings, check here.

Another vintage Roger Dean painting.

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