By Lee Hester, owner of Lee's Comics of California.

Monday, November 30, 2009


We were almost hoping that this Annual event didn't catch on. Who the heck wants to get up early the day after Thanksgiving? I sure don't. But lots of you guys do. So we did! And we'll do it again next year! Here's some pictures from our Mountain View location.

The line starts forming a half an hour before opening time.

Free gifts for the first 50 people per store. Here's the happy recipient of a Joker 'Toon Tumbler.

Here's our buddy, Scott, owner of Handee Books. I think that I was trying to sell Scott on the merits of our fabulous Lee's Comics boxer shorts.

Here's a shot from the back of the store. You can see the people snapping up the Silver Age comics, and the bargain comics.

The back issue bins from another angle.

A crane shot (taken by "Little Lee" the human crane.) from the front of the store.

Folks lining up at the counter.

Another crane shot from the front. You can see our buddy, Mark Arnold strolling down the middle of the store, bringing long boxes for bargain hunters to put their swag into.

Bargain hunters up close and personal.

One last shot from the back issue bins.

A big thanks to all that attended the After Thanksgiving Sale at Lee's Comics!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


I'm very pleased to announce the latest addition to the Lee's Comics family, Victoria Ann Crane, born Monday November 2nd. The baby, and Mark and Michelle Crane are all happy, healthy and doing fine.

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