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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

SiliCon Report

I set up at a SiliCon, a science fiction and comics convention at the San Jose Doubletree Hotel on October 5th-7th. It was a small show with a small dealer's room. Sales were very slow, so I passed the time talking to the other vendors and looking at their wares. The things that sold the best for me were our Super-hero belt buckles, especially Batman and Superman, our quarter comics, and our half-price books. Mark Arnold helped me all 3 days. Mark Crane helped set up, and Clay helped us to pack up. I probably would not do this convention again. I just can't afford to. After paying for the table, and paying Mark Arnold, I lost money.

I had fun, and the people I met were interesting. Connie and our girls stopped by for a visit. I bought them all hand-knitted Cat hats that one of the vendors was selling. If I attend the Silicon again, it will likely be as a visitor, not as a dealer.

Here are some photos, taken from our booth.

Here is the world's ugliest dog, Rascal, as seen on numerous TV shows and magazines. Rascal is the Phyllis Diller of the dog world, but he proved to be as popular with the ladies at the SiliCon as George Clooney.

The costumers were out in force. This was one of the many outstanding costumes.

Sophie, Me, Connie, and Hannah in front of our booth. Sophie didn't want a cat hat this day, but we got another one, a black one, the next day. They can all share.

Here's my buddy Javier Hernandez. He is the creator of El Muerto, which was recently made into a movie called "The Dead One". I ran into Javier who informed me that his movie was just starting, and nobody was in the screening room! I went right in with Javier and watched the whole thing. It was great. It was well made, with a fine cast. Javier made a cameo in the movie. There was another cameo with my friend Rafael Navarro creator of Sonambulo, and his wife Irma.

Another great costumer.

Dr. Who

The Pope, I presume.

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